Tenant Information


Please report all faults to the Estate Office by telephone (01661 855200) or email ([email protected]). The Estate Office is open Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. This enables us to log the fault, report it to the relevant contractor, and monitor progress until it has been resolved. If you report a fault to us, we will do our utmost to resolve it within a reasonable time of being notified.


Most emergencies turn out not to be as urgent as initially thought and, in most cases, nothing can be done until the next working day anyway. However, if you have an extreme emergency that cannot wait until the next working day, you can contact one of our emergency contractors who will ask you as much information about the situation as possible and attempt to assist you over the telephone. It is therefore important that you know where to find the stopcock and fuse board so water or electricity can be turned off if necessary. If the contractor believes that the problem cannot wait until the next working day, a call out will be arranged to deal with the fault as soon as possible.

  • Emergency Plumber / Heating Faults:  Westalls – 01434 602740 or 07703 540750
  • Emergency Electrician: ARM Electrics – Bill & Ross Wilkes 07768 061364
  • Emergency Property Maintenance (locks, roofs, windows): Ian Blacklin        07908 604593

We hope this service will give you peace of mind in the unlikely event of a genuine emergency.


Please follow the links to download useful information in pdf format.